Kirtana is at Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München while Nagamma is at the farm in India

March-April 2021:

Nagamma is in a 35 °C summer in Vardenahalli, India and Kirtana in a 2 °C spring in Feldafing, Germany. Nagamma is still laughing off Corona virus. Kirtana has been through 8 RTPCR tests and a 7-day quarantine.

Nagamma and Beerappa in their home

Nagamma’s doorway

A cold spring at Villa Waldberta, Feldafing, Germany


A parlour, looking out at Lake Starnberg

Kirtana's window at Villa Waldberta


Villa Waldberta

Spring flowers emerge when the snows vanishes

The stairway leading into the grounds of Villa Waldberta

Snowed under at Villa Waldberta

A view of Lake Starnberg, where Ludwig II mysteriously died

Ludwig II’s much beloved swans on Lake Starnberg

Nagamma and Kirtana’s daughter in pandemic wear at the farm

Nagamma and Kirtana’s conversations across cyber-space

Kirtana talking to Nagamma from her atelier
in Villa Waldberta

Frost on a windowpane

Sign at Infinite Souls Farm, Vardenahalli, South India

Early morning at Infinite Souls Farm

The jungle beyond, at Infinite Souls Farm

Jungle almond trees, at Infinite Souls Farm

Avocado picking

First Fog at the farm

Fog at the farm

Kirtana's Cottage

Mango Season

Temple flowers

The hill at the farm

The Pond

Nagamma's Birthing Goat Kids.

Snow falling outside Kirtana’s window at Villa Waldberta

Nagamma grumbles about why Kirtana had to go so far, couldn’t she have stayed here at the farm

Google Earth Video from Nagamma's home to Villa Waldberta.