Two women.
Two geographical spaces.
One pandemic.

Nagamma is a 40 year old South Indian woman of Kuruba descent. She can birth a buffalo, grow vegetables, kill a chicken, set rabbit traps and cook. Kirtana is a 55 year old South Indian woman of mixed descent. She can perform text, direct a play, write, train actors and cook. Kirtana owns a small farm that Nagamma comes to work on.

At a certain time in the pandemic, Kirtana is in Germany and Nagamma is in India. Their cytoplasm draws them together, as they co-create new territories by describing and imagining together and for one another. How do they travel the distance between them? Via Whatsapp, Zoom and Instagram stories. Virtuality is also space, a space conjured of fact, myth and fiction. Virtuality is as visible or invisible as the infinite space of consciousness.

"Accessing those long-delegitimized epistemes requires a different engagement.”

- Gayatri Spivak