Nagamma believes in Goddess Maramma

who will protect the village from Corona, Kirtana fears the virus is more powerful than Maramma and wears an N95 mask. Nature segues naturally into myth with the story of Ludwig II’s swans or the dhoddanaayi / big dog that haunts the farm.


Folk Goddess Maramma

Goddess Maramma in auspicious turmeric

Mariamman in Procession


Tamil Nadu bronze, Maramma

He loved swans so much, he may have ridden away on
a swan on Lake Starnberg

That’s why they called him Hansa Raja, the Swan King

In the love story of Nala-Damayanthi, Nala sent a
celestial swan to Damayanthi, declaring his love…

The colourful mythologies of Ludwig II of Bavaria

The family of Ludwig II of Bavaria

Nagamma tells the story of the leopard's visit

Nagamma speaks about the mysterious dhoddanaayi..
the size of a horse with a dog’s head and cow’s hooves, it even eats men…