Across Space,

…both cyber and geographical, across time, CET and IST, they were connected by food.What did you eat? Are the mangoes ripe at the farm? See what I have in my fridge in this faraway place, it’s called spargel in the German tongue. I foraged some barkesoppu for lunch today, yesterday we found a pumpkin growing near the fence. Will you be home for Ugadi lunch? Via WhatsApp they shared menus and recipes for egg biriyani, pumpkin sambar, ginger chutney, ragi mudde, paneer and pasta.

Time is inexplicable. Nagamma is shocked that Kirtana won’t come by for Ugadi lunch and then return to her work in Germany.

Kirtana cooks fettuccini with spinach and garlic

Spinach for either bass saaru or fettuccini

Cooking a simple Indian meal in Germany

What Kirtana’s face would fall into in wild delight, an erdbeer royale

Moka coffee

Lunch of Turkish bread, harissa and salad at Villa Waldberta.

Kirtana’s kitchen table in Germany

Mushroom risotto with chives and red wine

Kirtana cooks pandhi curry with wilt schwein for
all the artists at Villa Waldberta

Chillies grown at the farm

Avvarekai cooked with tamarind

Black Rice with coconut milk

Cooking Dal-Baati over woodfire

Cooking Dal-Baati over woodfire

Harvesting Sapotas

Nagamma Haal saaru

Multigrain adai and microgreens

Nagamma with drumsticks

Nagamma with soppu

Slice of Mava Cake with apples on top

Slice of Mava Cake

Wild Mushrooms

Nagamma tells Kirtana how to cook pasta

Nagamma describes her menu for the Ugadi feast:
mutton, obattu ,green gram, kaalu gojju, tomato rasam, happla,

Nagamma doesn’t eat her habitual betel nut