Nagamma is framing time through Ugadi,

…the first day of the new year as per the Hindu lunar calendar. Kirtana is jet lagged and on German Standard Time.

Time is inexplicable. Nagamma is shocked that Kirtana won’t come by for Ugadi lunch and then return to her work in Germany.

Nagamma and Bebanna: Farm Zorro Ladies

Nagamma, her grandchildren and Zui or, Bebanna as Nagamma calls her,
Dressed up and masked up for Ugadi 2021

Fire at the farm. Zui's sooty feet after
putting out the fire

Kirtana in her atelier at Villa Waldberta

Quarantine in Atelier 5 at Villa Waldberta

Snowfall at Villa Waldberta, Feldafing

View of Lake Starnberg from a window at Villa Waldberta

What is snow, akka?"